The Best of British Fantasy

Out now, and extremely magenta.

A quick one: The Best of British Fantasy 2019 is out today.

It looks like this, thanks to Jonathan E:

You can pick it up on, and your local bookshop. There’s a (very limited) number of signed hardcovers, available only through the publisher.

It is, to put it mildly, a crappy time for a book launch.

But it is a great time for stories, and this book collects two dozen of the very best.

Inside, you’ll find pensive houses, angry gods, ghosts, Tube monsters, living statues, were-creatures, skeletons, very good doggos, Billy Zane, and the end of the world. All brought to you by some of the most amazing voices in British writing.

I’ve spoken a bit about it already in interviews here and here. Plus, you can read the introduction here.

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